Dove Awards

Thursday  nov.13,2014 we had the national Zilveren Duif Awards (Dove Awards) in the Netherlands. This gala-ceremony-concerts is life on radio and on life-stream TV. These awards are given each year to the best album, best song, best new talent, etc. This happening is organised by the cooperation of radio, TV, publishers, records companies, music organizations, bookshops , copyright organizations, all with a christian identity. Here I had the remarkable experience that suddenly and unexpected I was called to the platform and to me was given the first ever Life Achievement Award of the Netherlands for my lifelong pioneer work in the world of music, arts and culture. I was totally speechless (and that gave big fun in the hall, as nobody has ever seen me totally surprised and searching for some words). The timing is perfect. This november I am 45 years professional in the arts, and before that 5 more years as semi-professional amateur.
Maybe nice to know.
I can write books full of stories about those 45 + 5 years.. Anyway as you know, I have survived and stay active.
Soli Deo Gloria
Leen La Rivière