(Holland) bankrupt, but Continentals remain to exist

Continnetal Ministries Europe received a note from the board of (leadership Rob de Jong) that they have filed for bankruptcy. Incoming money dropted so much over the last year that salaries, rent and other costs no longer were able to pay, so debts were piling up. CME regrets this situation very much.
This situation has no effect on the other Continental organizations, their ministries move on. These organizations are: Continental Ministries Europe, Continental Sound, Continentals Slowakia, Continentals Hungary, Continentals Romania.
All rights to use names (The Continentals, Continental Singers, Young Continentals, Continental Kids), logo’s concepts return automaticly to the European owners: CME/Continental Sound.
When the court has decided CME will move forward for a new start with Continentals in Western Europe.
Leen La Rivière, chairman
+31 6 51384805