Thanks to the great interest of top-artists, teachers and speakers to contribute to the upcoming Christian Artists Siminar (July 29 – August 2), CA 2018 will bring a great programme! There will be great contributions too of young top-talents. Do not miss this  unique event! 15% DISCOUNT till may….  !!!!Confirmed artists/teachers/speakers:  Marijke Bolt (sculpture,NL), Esther Hannah Burger- Hucks (piano, Germany), Didi Companjen (worship,NL), Hannah Clair (vocal class, France), Didi Companjen (worship, NL), Noiie Daval ( fine arts, France), Jan Willi van Delft (piano, NL), Gerdien van Delft-Rebel ( fine arts, NL), Wiebe van Dingen (fine arts, NL), Paul Donders (speaker, NL), Klaus Andre Eickhoff (singer-songwriter, Germany), Paul van der Feen(musician, Nl), Jill Ford(theatre, Uk), Torsten Harder (musician, Germany), Werner Hucks (musician, Germany), Marta Jakobovits(clay-3D, Romania), Birgit Juch & AVIV dance company (dance, Nl), Tobias Kerkhoven (E-guitar machinist, Nl), Natael Kerkhoven(MC and singer, Nl), Chesron Ledes (CA-gospel choir, NL), Dr.Lasma Dobele Licite(lector, Latvia), Teddy Liho (presentation skills, Bulgaria), Aron de Lijster(basguitar, Nl), Arend Maatkamp (graffitti art, computerwork, Nl), Maria Markesini(singer, Greece), Corentin Martinez(drums, France), Talitha Nawijn (vocal coach, Nl), Thomas Nöttling (piano, Austria), Jeanine Noyes (singer-songwriter, Canada), Nikos Papadogiorgos (composer, Greece), Angelique Petit (mime, France), Arthur Pirenne(clowning, Nl),Jan Willi Plutschouw(clown, Nl), Dr.Evert van de Poll (speaker, France), Reijer (singer-songwriter, NL),  Rivelino Rigters (urban music, Nl), Leen & Ria La Rivière (speakers, Nl), Jonathan Romppel (keyboards, Germany-USA), Prof.Ward Roofthooft (lector, Belgium),  Alexandra Smith (speaker and storytelling, Nl), Peter S.Smith (drawing, Uk), Thea Soltau (performing arts, acting, Uk), Vicky Stanley (theatre, UK),  Dr.Geoffrey Stevenson (lector communication, UK), Judith Stevenson (writing, UK),  Renske van Twillert (printmaking, Nl), Damaris Veenman-Verduijn ( dance, Spain), Jenny Verplanke(painting, Belgium),  Heike Wetzel (flute, Germany), Paul Yates (photography, Germany), Elly Zuiderveld (singer-coach, Nl)… And participation of 12 special young top talents: Maryam Al-Baghdadi (CH)Dywel Braaf (Nl), Michel Crier (Germany), Dorottya Csokasi (Hungary)imely Hansen (Nl), Jonathan Harder (Germany)DJ Flubbel (Nl)Sjoukje Minkia (Nl)Simone Naomi Pansa (Nl)Jolina Raible (Germany)iely Sewerinow (Germany)Viktor Sewerinow (Germany)Maria Viftrup Cramer (Denmark)Siminar language is English, all plenums will be translated into FRENCH and GERMAN.