October 2013 – August 2014

1. Publications
Decided was not to publish any book this period. But we succeeded to get all lectures and concerts of the Christian Artists Seminar on the internet: (this includes the new speeches of Leen and Ria)

2. Special visits:
Leen was main speaker in Austria at the ArtCross arts conference and at the ADD artists conference in France. He was special guest at the Opwekkingsconference, EO-Youth Day, etc. Visits were made to the Continental offices in Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Rotterdam. Visit was made to Adrian Snell: the launch of his new album (after 10 years). Continental Sound will work along with promoting and his copyrights. Leen was too in the jury of the Dove award Gospel awards.

3. Special projects:

  1. the magazine SIGNS came to an end, as new magazine was launched the magazine Sjofar with the same editorial staff of Signs.
  2. To and end came his chairmanship of the CNV Kunstenbond. But Leen remains to be chairman of the International Association of Christian Artists.
  3. Unfortunately we got problems with the annual subsidy of the Christian Artists Seminar. Decided was NOT to do this seminar in 2014, but shift it to 2015, sothat all aspects have the time to be cleared.
  4. Leen moved his offices out of the Continental Art Centre to his home.
  5. The TV series ’gebedshuis van de week’ was finished, 50 editions, were broadcasted and can all be seen on
  6. Launched was the website: a help to find in your artform coaches, who can guide you in your professional career

October 2013
A lot has happened since January of this year. A very special project was the publishing of the old Glorieklokken hymnal, a complete restauration project. It came out 50 years after the funeral of the original creator: Sister M.A.Alt. This hymnal has now as well some pages about the life of this missionary.
Another interesting change was, that I got the order from the city council of Rotterdam to produce 50 TV broadcasts with title: het gebedshuis van de week – the prayerhouse of the week. I take you each week to another religious house: churches, migrantchurches,mosqs, synagogue, etc. I enjoy making all these contacts in the city, and it is great to build bridges of understanding. Broadcasts are each Thursday on cable. Every edition is placed on; an edition is 25 minutes.
A new book came out: Geloof in de publieke Ruimte – Faith in the public arena. With a contribution of former prime-minister Jan Peter Balkenende.
And we had in June the end of the 6th season of our School of Rock. Great final productions. And in August we had again the 33rd edition of the annual Christian Artists Seminar, again a great week full of challenges and inspiration.

January 2013
The usual work to close the financial year 2012. We published the Johannes Passion from Bach in dutch(!), the translator worked on this for 10 years. It is amazing good.
And Leen finished the writing of a new book, will be published in dutch and later on in English, title: Faith in the Public Space. Former prime-minister J.P.Balkenende wrote an introduction.

January-december 2012
It was a turbulent year. Still a lot of little things to do as result of the merge of our CNV Kunstenbond with CNV Vakmensen. After that a great relief for Leen and Ria, who had turned 65 in 2011. Now Leen and Ria could concentrate on other important things like:
-launching new websites:
-  with all documents and history of the organizations since the start in 1969
- with all history and publications of The Continental Singers, Young Continentals, Continental Kids, Wings of Light, New Hope, etc. And GREAT NEWS: all the LP’s of the Continentals were remastered as CD’s and can be ordered now.
-  a website about members active in any form of ‘christian’ arts: dancers, musicians, choirs, visuals artists, writers, etc
- a website about our cultural centre
Other activities: a new theme for the Continentals, the Christian Artists Seminar for the 2nd time in Germany, and several books of Leen La Rivière were published in English, German, French.
And: more time became available for speaking and teaching and lector engagements.
Ria has, besides her work at the Continental Art Centre, which is now a part time job, a great job at her shop in fashion and art: Chez Maria, Rotterdam. All info can be found on

May-december 2011
In these months happened a lot. Our Christian trade unions for arts and culture (CNV Kunstenbond) merged with CNV Vakmensen. You can image how many meetings with lawyers, notaries, auditors it took. What are the benefits of this move? Better service, legal help and support for our members.
And in between: the theme for the Continentals was written. We had the annual Christian artists seminar, which we moved to Germany to a great conference centre: KSI in Bad Honnef, and as special benefit for participants: it was 100 Euro cheaper plus they got a swimming pool…

April 2011
Preparations for a special youth project we are going to do for Rotterdam-Feijenoord. The City council pays it

March 2011
Boardmeetings about the fiscal year 2010. Reports from the secretary, the treasurer, the accountant, etc etc

February 2011
Leen write a new book for CNV Vakmensen. A book with bible verses related to the Christian social thinking and short prayers to open or close meetings

January 2011
Just 6 months to go and Ria and Leen will be 65! Wauw, decided is to organise a super party in June to celebrate this milestone.

December 2010
The well known 100.000 things to be done to end the fiscal year

October 2010
We started in May with negotiations to merge our CNV Kunstenbond (Christian trade union for artists) with CNV Vakmensen. The whole process and procedures are very complex. This should be completed in August 2011

September 2010
Decided is to move the annual Christian Artists Seminar from the SBI conference centre in the Netherlands to the KSI conference centre in Bad Honnef, Germany. It will save a lot of money especially for the participants